Sunday, 10 August 2008

Save some paper - use this flashcard program!

I'd like to recommend to everyone a program I've been using for a few years called Before You Know It Lite. It is, at heart, a flash card program which takes you through five steps of learning - review, recognition, knowing, production and owning. From personal experience, I can say that it is an extremely effective way of adding new vocabulary to your linguistic repertoire if you remain diligent. For instance, I took an hour out to master a 17 word vocabulary list of 'Italian animals' about a year ago, and even to this day, I can recite the animal names without a hitch. While the full version of the program is a little bit pricey, sitting at around $45.00, anyone can download the lite version from the product website, and pretty much every language is available. If you are currently learning a language, and need a way of absorbing some new vocabulary, give it a try!

Before You Know It Lite

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