Friday, 12 September 2008

Perhaps I should stick to inedible gifts!

With only 19 (!!) sleeps to go until Italy, I have been happily busying myself with buying gifts for my three little Italian proteges! It is always a challenge finding the perfect gift for someone who lives far away since the one gift that calls out to you is usually the one that is the most suitcase-unfriendly, like this jumbo pack of Cadbury's animal crackers I was tempted to buy. (But, on second thought, it is probably best that I returned it to its place -- I would hate to be the one responsible for the onset of obesity in my adoptive kids!)

However, despite my troubles, I have managed to find a couple of things -- a set of wafer-thin Ladybird books I used to read as a kid, all a mere 20 p. each at our local Oxfam charity shop, and a pack of three Cadbury's chocolate buttons, one for each child. Now the biggest challenge will be not clamping down on oversized purchases, but resisting the urge to polish off the edible gifts before they reach their destination! (What a weak willed au pair I am...*sigh*)

Do you have any gift suggestions for me? If so, let me know! They must be a) small b) light and c) child friendly!

Update at 11:03 p.m.: The Cadbury's chocolate buttons have mysteriously disappeared. I think I had better leave buying food-type presents until a few days before I leave, after all. *slinks sheepishly away*


satoshi said...

he-y, heather!

this is satoshi.
im sorry but ive not logged in the facebook for a while since ive been so busy.. finally, i will graduate from my home uni next week. i remember a lot of things which i have experienced while i had been there.

so , are you going to italy??
looks like you are gonna work out there. i envy you so much but i dont give up my dream that i will go overseas again. im thinking about what im gonna do after i get into a job. perhaps i will not go overseas suppose i will be satisfied with my condition which will be good for me in the work place. in addition to it, the most important thing is that whether i can get a good salary or not! hahaha. anyways, i'll see what happens.

are you doin good??
hope all is going well.

take care,


Heather Broster said...

Hey Satoshi! Thanks for leaving me a comment :) So you're finally gunna be a graduate soon! Let me know how the ceremony goes :)

Well, I was thinking the same thing (with regards to getting a good salary) and I came to realize that it isn't the most important thing for me at this point. I mean, the pay for an au pair isn't bad - 90 euros a week plus free board and food - but there are better ways of earning money out there. BUT no better way to see the world and to know its people. So for now, I think this is the life for me. Perhaps you could work for a couple of years in japan and then try something new in a different country? :)

As for me at this point...I am getting a little nervous since i leave in 18 days, but I am also enjoying shopping around for presents and picking items to pack. Plus I have a week of work as a CLM again except at a British uni! Cool eh? Hehe. Yes, overall, life is great.

Talk to you again soon!! Heather

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