Saturday, 27 September 2008

Words to ponder!

After a week's rest, I think it is due time for a couple of entertaining linguistic goodies for you all!
  • First of all, did you know that the word "ouija" from "ouija board" is actually a combination of the French "oui" ('yes') and the German "ja" (also, 'yes')? So really, when we seance with our ghostly pals on the other side, we are communicating with them through a "yes-yes board"!
  • Now, how many of you have heard of the expression "Shank's Pony"? I hadn't until today, and what it refers to is the act of walking. "Shank" is the original term for what we call the "shin bone" and the Shank's pony was "a horse-drawn lawnmower with nowhere for the driver to sit, so he had to walk along behind" (BBC Website).

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