Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Cheesy Culture of Italia

Today I discovered that cheese in Italy is not only a staple food, but a way of life. For our picnic in the park, we had sandwiches filled with ham and creamy 'caciotta'. The night before, we had pizza draped in stringy mozzarella. For our late afternoon snack in the gardens of a nearby 'castello' (castle), we woofed down a massive chunk of smelly goat's cheese slathered in 'melo' (apple) honey. And even thinking back to this morning at breakfast, I can recall the butter on my bread that was so rich that it may as well have been a type of cheese.

(Oh, and let's not forget that on the castle grounds, a wrinkly man with only two teeth to his name was there giving out free samples of, you guessed it, cheese to all of the passers by.)

All this cheese, I cry, and there isn't an obese person in sight! How is it possible?

Ludovica tells me that looking after the children is what keeps the weight off, but I remain suspicious, since I am certain that not everyone in Torino has three boisterous children to force off tummy fat.

Well, I warned you all. If I come back as lardy as a whale, you will know who is to blame!

Anna's New Words: "good job" (while doing thumbs up)
Pietro's New Words: none
Marta's New Words: "baby beluga"


Mamma Mia said...

It sounds like my kind of place, now all you need is chocolate and ice cream. I don't understand how they can keep slim on pasta and cheese; there has got to be something about the Mediterranean diet and I'd like to know what it is - maybe the portions are small? Do they secretly run 1/2 marathons everyday? Is there something in the wine??aha!!!
Looking forward to more investigation into this matter.
Love Mamma Mia

heather-in-italia said...

Haha, I wonder myself! I am sure I have gained quite a bit of weight although it has only been just under a week. >< The hardest thing is saying no when a huge slab of gooey cheese is plonked in front of your nose. I guess I'll have to learn to be a bit more strict with myself!

amethyst said...

With three kids to take care of, you'll be getting a pretty good cardio workout every day, I'd bet. =P

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