Saturday, 8 November 2008

My Quirky Neighbour

Everyone has to have a crazy neighbour. If there were a testament on modern living, 'thou must have a crazy neighbour' would be one of the top five commandments.

In our case, we have a neighbour across the way who I will call Signore V for his privacy. Signore V is what I would call an eccentric. Probably in his mid sixties, he is often seen strolling the halls whenever you come out on the house, regardless of the hour of the day. His dress is plain - usually full-bodied plaid, ruffled grey hair, glasses which magnify his peepers two fold, and the most crucial accessory, a walking stick to compensate for his slight hunch.

If you come out midday and are knocked backwards by the stink of cigarette smoke, you know Signore V has completed his daily routine of wandering your halls. If you dipped your hand into your mailbox on the day on the American election and found your newspaper crumpled with its pages out of order, you can safely assume that Signore V knew about Obama's election before you did. And if you hear random banging on the living room wall when your music is only up to level 10 on the CD player, or receive the evil eye in the hall, Signore V is probably trying to send you a pointed message in the best way he can. After all, he isn't the most verbal of folk in the neighbourhood.

Signore V isn't all bad, though. He is great with children, especially our little ones whose eyes glimmer and voices squeal at the sight of his scruffy form. Not once has he failed to greet me when we have come in contact, with either a mumbled 'hello' or a slightly wary 'bounjourno.' And he provides endless humour to the family and me.

So, let's hear it for Signore V, a man who really knows how to keep the definition of 'quirky neighbour' alive!

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Mamma Mia said...

I really enjoyed this and would love to meet him.

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