Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Another Addition for The Lexicon

I haven't posted an item for The Lexicon in quite some time, so here is a goodie for you all, courtesy of my father.

  • Amateur - Notice the "ama" at the beginning of the word? Anyone familiar with the French word "amour" will see the connection. This word actually means "lover of" in French and stems from the Latin root of the same meaning. While in English, amateur can have a positive ("amateur sports") and pejorative meaning ("What an amateur!"), the positive connotation is more closely related to the original French meaning. This is because most amateurs do what they do because they are driven by a passion for their sport or activity.


Anonymous said...

Great heather but Amore is Italian. The French is Aimer.

heather-in-italia said...

ops!! i meant to write aimer... :( doh...i just lost all credibility!

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